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Originally Posted by Sokil View Post
who are you referring to? it seems a vague argument on your part

Rarely are there cases of ethnic Russians being born in Kiev, never playing hockey in Ukraine, and moving to Russia for reasons other than hockey career advancement. I can't even think of an example.
Im not familiar with Ukrainian hockey, and am not referring to anyone in specific. Just pointing out the fact that its not like Russia steals them away and forces them to convert, as it almost sounds like in some of your posts.

Im sure that alot of ethnic Russians that start out playing in Kiev, just as they do in the US and Sweden...
Also there are plenty of ethnic Russians that moved back to Russia after the breakup of the SU, for reasons completely unrelated to hockey.

And either way, for example if a kid moves to Canada at an early age, gets a passport, lives like a Canadian, and gets a chance to play for the national team, wouldnt that make sense? Or in your case he should refuse and go back to his country of origin just because he was born there?
The case of Ukrainians in Russia is not much different.

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