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The China Sharks select D Konnie Johannesson

Member of 1920 Canadian Gold Medal Olympic team

"He is a born defenseman and is almost unbeatable,
his ability at blocking and checking being equalled only by his quick brain."
"a dangerous rusher, a gifted stick-handler, and packs a terrific shot"

Konrad "Konnie" Johannesson was a part of the gold medal winning Winnipeg Falcons team in 1920 Olympic games in Antwerp. Standing at 5' 11", he was described as "One of the giants of the team". He was clearly a very good skater as well: "The defender Johanneson became somewhat of a favorite to the public due to his marvelous skating technique."

Nothing suggests that Johannesson was a physical player, but Konnie wasn't a player who could be physically intimidated either:

"Canadian defender Johanneson at one time was pushed headlong into the barrier board, so that it was cracked. However, he happily continued to play on, as if nothing had happened."

In the moral final game played between Canada and USA, Konnie scored a decisive goal: "With a swing shot, at the same time as he fell, he succeeded in scoring - 2-0."

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