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01-19-2011, 12:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Coach Parker View Post
One quick question to Calgary fans...

What holds more value?

Toronto's 1st in 2011


Colborne and Boston's 1st in 2011?

I'm sure all three are on the table in some form but which one holds more value?
Well we need a player capable of replacing Iggy as the face of the franchise, Colbourne gives a chance at that and TO's first also give's a chance at that. Neither atm are projected to be Iggy in his prime which is why we are so "greedy" in looking at both (However I think we've been pretty good in not bothering about Seguin as that would get nothing accomplished).

If TO's pick is top 4 and we get RNH / Couturier / Landeskog
we would feel a lot better about losing Iggy (not great)

atm I would say TO's 1st holds more value in the assumption they finish 4th last if not probably BOS 1st + Colbourne

if that makes sense

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