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01-19-2011, 12:47 PM
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Don't get caught up in thinking that the closer you are to the net the better chance you have to score. Stay up in the high slot and work on having a quick release. Keep your body in a position to be able to receive the pass and shoot without having to turn your body and waste time. Staying in the high slot will allow you to keep your stick free and away from defenders. Also stay on the opposite side of the slot than the puck so that the pass has to make the goalie move side to side.

When coming in on the break with the puck try and use the defenseman as a screen and let your shot go in stride or "show" pass if you have a teammate and let the shot go off that look. One other big thing that most guys do is shoot and coast and see if it goes in. Shoot and assume it won't go in and charge after your shot for a rebound. Even if there is a defenseman there you will probably surprise them and blow right by because they are used to the coasters. And let your shot go early enough that there can be a rebound. Don't get in so deep that you get only one shot off on a break. If you have a teammate crashing the net let your shot go low so that can be a rebound for either one of youl If you are in the middle and a teammate is on one side you have a 66% chance of having someone there for a rebound against an out of position or off balance goalie.

In a nutshell.......Increase your odds to score. You score more goals by using your head than by having a shot that will knock a goalie back into the net.

Ugly goals count just as much as top shelf wristers.

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