Thread: Proposal: Gaborik for Brown?
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01-19-2011, 03:08 PM
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Originally Posted by McRanger View Post
Some will say: "Hooray he's back!"

Others will say: "Oh look he scored another hat trick against a crappy team in a blow out. Whoopee."
This is EXACTLY what is wrong with him. He SUPPOSED to be a "game breaker", "impact player", "sniper" and "elite player". Not this season, man. Sure, he was last year but he has been far, far from that this season. There IS something wrong with him. He's playing with an injury, PERIOD. There's no way a player that has been elite for the last 5-10 seasons, all of a sudden isn't. A gradual drop off? Yeah, that happens all the time but you don't just disappear like he has. What happened the last time he was in a huge slump? It came out later on that he has bad hips and apparently the Rangers fixed them in the offseason (before last season) and then he had an astounding season. There is something wrong with him. I don't buy that "he's just in a slump". Bunch of bologna, that is...and I agree with the hat trick comment. Vladomir Vorobiev got a hat trick in his first NHL game and he was a career AHLer. I wouldn't put any stock in it. These guys are pros. They are all capable of taking over a game against a poorly constructed or slumping team. They are all THAT GOOD. It's just that some have just a little bit more. I don't buy anyone being THAT much better unless their nickname is TGO. Consistency and points in big situations (i.e.; would have been nice against the flyers and habs) would mean way, way more than multiple goals every ten or twelve games, even for elite players. If he gets a hat trick tonight it won't mean dink. He starts coming up big down 1 goal against top tier teams consistently or takes over those games and wins them, then I stand corrected. Until then he isn't elite anymore. Just like Dru and Gomer. Too expensive for no production. Trade him before he starts bogging the team down with his salary. Or, fix whatever the heck it is that is wrong with him. Hip, shoulder, groin. FIX IT and REST IT. Then bring him back to be the game breaker we know he is.

Did someone say paging Dr. Gabby?

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