Thread: Value of: Zach Parise + NJ 2011 1st
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01-19-2011, 04:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Nedved1 View Post
Nobody thinks Parise is that good.

Notice how its all the devils fans trying to make these trades? If Parise is so good, why don't you just sign him.

I don't trade Doughty for Parise. Thats a total ripoff for the kings.
To be fair, its mostly fans of other squads that propose Parise trades, and Devils fans respond, for the most part, by saying he's not available.

If you really want to start a constructive conversation on Parise's value, you have to begin by stipulating whether he is willing to sign in New Jersey, at a reasonable average annual salary, for more than 3 years. If you assume he is willing to do that, the value of Parise is really high, and will likely turn off any potential suitors.

Alternatively, if you propose a trade for Zach under the assumption that he will not sign a friendly deal in NJ, you'll probably get a more balanced response from Devils fans. I've seen some good back-and-forth discussion of this nature between NJ and LA, and NJ and Boston fans in recent weeks.

As for a Doughty for Parise swap, I'm not so sure LA fans would be totally turned off by that deal. They have a hole at LW, while the Devils could use a stud blueliner - the deal makes sense, and is pretty close value-wise.

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