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01-19-2011, 04:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
No, I'm implying that I automatically assume that people don't know how well JVR is playing unless they watch the Flyers play. It has nothing to do with who you think is better.

If you're willing to prove me wrong, I'd be all ears as to how good you think JVR is right now. I'd be willing to bet that you are off the mark. It's nothing personal against you, but people are so quick to look at JVR's production while ignoring 1) his on-ice play, 2) his confidence right now, 3) his lack of ice-time, 4) his lack of powerplay time, 5) his two-way play, 6) his physical play, and 7) the fact that the Flyers are so deep that offensive players' numbers are naturally deflated (see: Richards, Carter, Briere, Giroux who will not hit PPG this season/may not even hit 70 because they have to share so much ice time).

Actually, no. I'm not. I don't know anyone who has ever said anything like that.

You probably do mean me as in I'm the one who was defending JVR in that thread. However, I'm never quite sure what people see when I type things. They create their own realities.

I never said JVR was better than Benn even now. I said is was pretty close though to the point where it was almost interchangeable. I also said that JVR had more potential than Benn, which he does.

Whatever those words mean to you is really your problem because I can't paint a picture anymore clearly for you than that.

This is exactly what I just said to Modo.

I challenge you to tell me just what JVR has done. Until you're able to I think you should take back any claims you have made about his value up to this point.
I challenge you to tell us why he has more value than Neal..

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