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01-19-2011, 05:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Coach Parker View Post
For Iginla Wheeler would be available. I could even see Krejci if the other parts are minimal. To me, it makes more sense for Calgary to go after a 1st, Colborne and Wheeler with Ryder tossed in.

Imagine Calgary adding Toronto's 1st, their own 1st (Two top 10 picks) Colborne and Wheeler to their team next year? Four young talented prospects/players for one?

That is making the prudent move for a franchise before it is too late.

Boston gets to replace Wheeler with Caron and Ryder with Iginla at the cost of Toronto's 1st and Colborne.

Calgary replaces Iginla this year with Ryder and Wheeler, and adds Colborne and the 1st to their future next season. Hell, having Wheeler and Colborne develop in Calgary at the same time with that size would be an impressive response to Edmonton's 1st line. That is also saying nothing about what they get in this years draft with the two 1sts.

Now, is Feaster smart enough to make a move this bold?
tbh I'm shocked you'd be willing to give up the TO first with that package most Bruins fans seem to think it's untouchable.

I'm guessing the B's would rather lose Wheeler than Krejci then as depth down the middle is going to be huge in the playoffs.

I don't know how many Bruins fans like Ference he's another possibility as a salary dump (instead of Ryder) if you wanted back Anton.

If the package is Colbourne + TOR 1st + young roster player Calgary is getting enough to start the rebuild agree'd there

My question is mostly which low cost player from Calgary helps the Bruins get Iggy his much deserved cup

and who do the Bruins need to lose salary-wise to fit Iggy in (pref. not Savard as he would be most of the reason Iggy plays in Boston)

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