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10-09-2003, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Cayouche5
I Think it's Juneau.
In 110% ( I know I Know ... but they still know more than us about the canadiens cause they are journalists ) they said it was'nt a Top Player so I also think it's juneau.
I've heard it was Audette
His history showned that he had problems with Hitchcock
I think the player who said that was emotionnaly talking and Audette said some disgusting (emotionnal) remark last year:
"J'ai arreté de jouer quand c'était 2 a 0, mais peux-tu vraiment dire que c'est moi le pire joueur?!"
Translation:" I've stopped playing after it was 2 to 0, but can you tell me that I was the worse player?!" (he said that after a lost against the Star last season).

But... after what I've read in La Presse ( it seems that Juneau didn't like at all former coach M Therrien and there's a picture of him where you can see that he don't pay attention to Therrien speach!!!

So I'm a bit confused... I'll stay with my first idea (audette was the rat) since Juneau is very intelligent and he think before saying anything to the media...

Some rumors said that it was Gilmour too, too many names, too many speculation on that comment.

My final answer is: Audette

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