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01-19-2011, 06:07 PM
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This isn't unreasonable, really. The OP must factor in Gillis' predisposition to do no trades.

Last season the Canucks had a solid roster that was winning. They became devastated by injuries but were still winning. Instead of capitalizing on career years from thier entire forward group, they aquired Alberts (who didn't fit in well). Thier needs were known at the deadline but Gillis watched from the sidelines. As predicted, the Canucks couldn't muster a charge against Chicago and actually ran out of defencemen.

Expecting this same GM to do blockbuster trades is a long shot at best, especially since he isn't very good at it (O'Brien, Ballard trades were both suspect at thier inception and have proven to be very iffy over time).

Gillis is a creature of the offseason, an architect rather than a tinkerer. He doesn't give up on players, either. Bieksa was crapola for years before this season and Gillis never shopped him. Ballard isn't in any danger of being moved this year or next, either.

Until the Canucks get into serious trouble (three broken legs on the defence type trouble) they will not make changes.

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