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01-19-2011, 07:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
The drama of which conference is better doesn't need to be brought it.

I consider it pretty much a statistical lie. The conferences are inherently different in terms of competition. You really can't argue that one is better than the other in terms of wins and losses.

Truth be told, a lot of that overinflated nonsense is because Eastern Conference teams aren't used to the painstaking traveling that Western Conference teams are. If you threw the top Eastern teams into the Western Conference, a lot of them would go through an adjustment period but it would eventually stabilize.

While assuming that the Stars would be at the Rangers' level is kind of pointless, it is equally pointless to assume that the Stars would be at the same level of the Flyers and Penguins if they played in the East.

Basically I consider all drama about the West being worse than the East just the ranting on madmen on a binge to prove that the West is better than the East whether it be due to some inferiority complex or the desperate endeavor for self-affirmation.

The Flyers have a better offense and a better defense than the Stars. That is the only fact involved.
It seems as if you might be the one that feels a little threatened when the East vs. West record is brought up. It's not an inferiority complex when the West has dominated in cross conference play in recent years.

And as for the last part, that is not a fact. Move Dallas' team to any Northeast city and you would hear about how they have as good of an offense as anyone. Richards/Carter/Briere/Giroux/Hartnell/Leino/Van Riemsdyk is pretty comparable to Richards/Ribeiro/Eriksson/Neal/Morrow/Langenbrunner/Benn. The biggest difference is Dallas plugs in the rest of their top 9 with grit (Ott, Burish) and Philly plugs it in with skill (Zherdev, Nodl). And while Philly has bigger names, Dallas has played up to the level of Philly's D or has even outplayed them over 46 games which is not a small sample.

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