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01-19-2011, 06:36 PM
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Originally Posted by tomhicksnightmare View Post
And as for the last part, that is not a fact. Move Dallas' team to any Northeast city and you would hear about how they have as good of an offense as anyone.
Would we hear about it more? Yes.
Does that change my opinion of Dallas? No.

Media discussion means absolutely nothing to me. Hell, it means nothing to most Flyers' fans you will talk to. We constantly get the short-end of the attention stick. Unlike many fans of teams in the West coast, we don't openly complain about it.

Trust me, I'm well aware of how good Dallas is. Their offense is very close, but not quite on par with the Flyers. Feel free to disagree. That's perfectly fine.

Defensively though, the Dallas Stars are not as good as the Flyers. If you would've taken note, the Flyers were basically in the top 5 in GAA for most of the season so far but took a significant nose-dive when Pronger was out. Most of that does not necessarily have to do with the fact that Pronger himself was out because Meszaros has jumped into a steady role (though not quite Pronger level but still very good) very admirably since Pronger's absence. That did kind of leave Meszaros' partner, Sean O'Donnell, out to dry. O'Donnell was one of the league leaders in +/- with Meszaros. When paired with Bartulis/Walker, O'Donnell's had to cover his own pairing which isn't an easy task. He's solid enough, but he can't carry weaker players.

I don't consider Dallas' defense anywhere near on par with the Flyers. Maybe that's bold of me, but I think Dallas makes up the gap with solid goaltender whereas the Flyers goaltending is hardly consistent or proven.

Originally Posted by tomhicksnightmare View Post
Richards/Carter/Briere/Giroux/Hartnell/Leino/Van Riemsdyk is pretty comparable to Richards/Ribeiro/Eriksson/Neal/Morrow/Langenbrunner/Benn. The biggest difference is Dallas plugs in the rest of their top 9 with grit (Ott, Burish) and Philly plugs it in with skill (Zherdev, Nodl). And while Philly has bigger names, Dallas has played up to the level of Philly's D or has even outplayed them over 46 games which is not a small sample.
I consider Richards, Carter, Briere, Giroux, Leino, Hartnell, vanRiemsdyk, Zherdev, and Nodl a stronger top nine than Richards, Ribeiro, Eriksson, Neal, Morrow, Langenbrunner, Benn, Ott, and Burish. I thought last year that Dallas' offense would be one of the best in the NHL fairly quietly. I didn't necessarily expect that this year they would finally make their noise. So I give Philly the slight advantage. A decent one, but not exactly significant in the grand scheme of things.

As for defense, Dallas' defense has NOT outplayed the Flyers defense through 46 games. Goaltending has factored into that as well as Pronger's absence on the Flyers' blueline.

GAA is a team stat. It's defense, forwards, and goaltending; goaltending being the operative word for the Dalls > Philly discussion defensively. I will tell you right now that those numbers will once again favor Philadelphia, as they have the majority of the 2010-11 season, as soon as Pronger is healthy and at full pace. He comes back tomorrow.

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