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10-09-2003, 11:23 AM
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Originally Posted by copperandblue
Just a thought but if all suggestions are true and Lowe is going to trade Comrie AND is willing to wait patiently to do it so he can maximize his return, then wouldn't it be most likely a deal with one of the big spending teams?

With the CBA coming up I would expect there are a few teams out there (meaning the teams with the highest payrolls) that are looking at this year as their last kick at the cat before they are forced to cut payroll. Based on that, as the year rolls on and some of these teams are looking for that last bit of offence for a cup run, they may actually be willing to overpay for a guy like Comrie. Afterall he is immediate offence and fits any team post CBA, some of these teams may be willing to give up one or even a couple real blue chip prospects that could pan out very well for us long term.

At any rate, who ever he is traded for, I am half expecting the returning player/players to be diamonds in the rough or prospects that won't immediately be comparable to Comrie.
In theory yes - but there are problems trading MC to many of these teams:

Detroit - too many small centers already on the roster
NYR - lots of overpaid centers already on the roster
Colorado - no room in the house, rival
Philly - lots of big centers already
St Louis - got Demitra and Weight and the money woes that go along with them
Washington - se St Louis
Toronto - need Dmen more than a center

All the other teams qualify as mid-market to me interms of size or how they operate. Of the big boys - only Philly makes sense if they are looking to next year when they can dump Primeau. MC could be their #2 behind Roenick and Handzus could be their #3. Of course the same case could made for NYR if they ditch Lindros and Nedved next year.

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