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01-20-2011, 03:09 AM
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Make a habit of watching the goalie you're playing...during warmups, while you sit on the bench, etc.

Is he a standup or butterfly guy?

Does he carry his glove high or low? If he carries it high, what sort of situations/moves make him drop it?

How deep does he typically play in his crease? How well does he plays his angles? Does he adjust angles well when the play moves laterally? How fast does he get across the crease? When he moves across the crease, how does he do it? Which does he leave more open when he moves laterally...the top part of the net, or his 5-hole? Is he better on one side than the other? Does he favor his better side?

How high does he come out on a breakaway? Does he match speeds/angles well if the shooter changes pace/direction? Does he always bite on the first fake? Is poke-checking in his defensive arsenal?

How does he try to cover the net when he's down? How well/long does he hold the near post? How does he defend high? How (and how well) does he regain his feet?

What's his technique when the puck is behind his own net?

How well does he read plays as the develop? What are his tendencies on an odd-man rush?


People are creatures of habit (especially amateurs), and every goalie has his flaws...if you study him well, you can decipher, predict, and exploit them.

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