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01-20-2011, 08:27 AM
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The Union are introducing Fayrd Mondragon and Carlos Valdes today at Fado. The official Union announcement has been leaked already.

Mondragon gives us a capable goalie (former Colombian MNT) while MacMath develops and Valdes probably jumps to the very top of the defense depth chart as our new top CB (IMO). Valdes-Califf in the CB spot with Orozco-Fiscal likely finding playing time at LB.

Originally Posted by agrudez View Post
Not exactly a terrible idea.

Unless you are playing a ridiculous setup (like Argentina's 3 forwards) then success in soccer is 55% midfield, 20% strikers, 15% defense, 10% goalie.

What setup do the Union play, anyway? This thread (and your posts especially) have single handedly made me slightly curious about going to a game. I had no idea the MLS was finally becoming a respectably talented league before.
The Union ran a 4-2-2-2 last season, mostly. It looks like they will be doing something similar again this season, but with a few additions. (Think 4-4-2 but the wingers are further up and the central mids are now CDM's and further back)

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Or with any luck they already have a transfer or two lined up to play defense and figure they already have that locked up for a while.
see the top, lol.

Rumors say Marek Mintal is still possible, but lately there are rumors of a 25 year old Colombian by the name of Perlaza who might sign with the Union. He is apparently a pretty solid striker.


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Love this.

But I'm still glad I bought my Union jersey BEFORE Bimbo came in.
I'm thinking of grabbing a pre-BIMBO jersey myself, haha.

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