Thread: Confirmed with Link: Paul Holmgren earns 3-year contract extension
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01-20-2011, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by GoneFullHolmgren View Post
I dont think anyone here would be a great GM, hell even a good GM. Same holds for being a head coach.
Disagree... I think a fair number of folks would be perfectly good GMs. Being a GM is not particularly hard. Being a good scout... hard. Having the ability to watch a 16-18 y/o kid play and project him onto a 25 y/o athlete is a very tough thing, which is why the fail rate is so high.

Most of the problems GMs have (in all sports) are self-inflicted wounds. What anyone here would need is a strong group of advisors that can manage those highly specific skill-set jobs, and listen to 'em. This is where both MLB and NFL teams are making the headway as far as rationalizing the management of teams... and the teams that are having the most consistent success are beginning to be managed by folks that have relatively little experience in the sport, but are strong on management skills and decision making that would fly in any walk of life.

Anyone that thinks the job of a GM is addressing truly complex subject matter... hasn't spent much time reading or thinking about the management of actual complex subject matter.

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