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01-20-2011, 03:04 PM
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If you look at Kaberle and just Kaberle to define his value you're mistaken as a Leaf's fan. You need to look at the entire trade market as a whole. Is McCabe in play? Is Pitkaken? Is anyone in Vancouver? Montreal already acquired Wisniewski, Washington acquired Hannan, how many teams are looking to add a player like Kaberle and how much are they willing to pay at the deadline. This determines how much TML can get. This year, IMO the supply of defencemen looks like its going to be high and the number of buyers doesn't seem to be so high...SJ? Dallas? NY?

Burke didn't learn from Don Waddel, He's waited too long and He's going to run into the same problem, a low return. For that, you get a crappy offer or you can get nothing on July 1st, that's the reality of it.

If Drury alone doesn't get it done, I'd add in Hagelin as he'd fit into a Burke type player. He's coming out of college, smart two way, Hobey Baker nominee and is most ready to step right into the NHL. He's also very expendable by the Rangers.

Drury, Hagelin, 4th 2011
Kaberle, 2nd 2012

Originally Posted by htpwn View Post
Grachev + 2nd intrigues me though. Can anyone say how NHL ready he is?
He's really not ready yet. His size and speed dominated in Jrs but in the AHL he hasn't dominated yet, he hasn't shown a high level of compete. IMO he never had to work until he hit the pros, he was always bigger and faster and easily dominated the Jr ranks.

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