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01-20-2011, 05:37 PM
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Originally Posted by RogerRoeper View Post
When you talking about a player being an offensive superstar, then it means he should put up star numbers for consecutive years. Check.

Again, Kaberle is 3rd in point post lockout. He is on pace for about 55 points withno help. He has 7 seasons (it'll be 8 soon) of 40+ points and 3 seasons of 50+ points including a 67 point season.

Dan Boyle is older and has inferior stats in fact.
i wasn't talking about Boyle at all. but since you brought him up, he can at least score. i understand that this season he hasn't scored a whole bunch but he's still scored 4X more than Kaberle. Kaberle is a good defenseman in terms of setting up goals and skating but scoring and defending isn't his strong points. if you're a superstar defenseman whos mediocre in your own end but you put up 15 goals and 50-60 points a season you can still be a superstar, if you score 1 goal in 45 games but is the best shutdown d-man on your team you can still be a superstar. however, imo, 1 goal in 45 games and mediocre to ok in your own end as a d-man, (you can still be an elite set up guy) isn't enough to qualify you as a "superstar".

i think if burke approached another GM and said "i got an elite superstar defenseman here so i want a 1st round pick and one of your top prospects" the phone would get hung up. then again this is all my opinion, maybe other GMs would throw their goodies at burke for the chance to get him but i would say it's not likely.

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