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01-20-2011, 05:44 PM
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Originally Posted by UAGoalieGuy View Post
Rangers have no need for Orr at this point.

Trading Boyle at this point would be a mistake. This season might just be a flash in the pan, but he's second in goals so far this season on a team that has had issues scoring at several points over the coarse of this season.

Something like Gilroy, Vtank or Grachev, WAS 2nd in 2011, and a conditional 2nd in 2012 if he re-signs.
" need for Orr at this point." Disagree. If Boog goes, he fills a gap inexpensively and makes it easier to move Avery if we wish.

I'd rather keep Boyle.
But if you want Kaberle this is the middle ground between nothing and too much.

In a vacuum if no one else upped the price, sure you could wind up paying less.
I would expect that if Kab agrees to a move, all things being equal, something like ballpark minimum of Boyle is the roughly top offer from any team. Ergo, NYR has to match or stand pat.

Not so fast to flip some higher assets.
We see now w/Dubi out that Grachev, and his accelerated development, is important. ..

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