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10-09-2003, 11:55 AM
Master Lok
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I don't have a very high opinion of the some of the research done by TSN or the Toronto Star or whatever newspapers. I wouldn't doubt that they would have picked up on the local Oiler reporter (aka Brownlee) and just followed the same lead without checking anything. Kevin Lowe and MC have not said very much about the negotiations but fans and media are just going nuts about it. Over the past several weeks I've heard rumors of:
- MC not liking Lowe's criticism of him after the playoffs
- MC having a spat with MacT in the dressing room
- MC wants a contract with money closer to Brad Richards
- MC doesn't want to play for the Oilers anymore.
- too much local pressure on MC
- Lowe wants to get bigger centres
- MC doesn't want to stay in Edmonton

Everything is just speculation and hearsay. Why not just add that one of MC's puck bunnies became pregnant and now he wants to runaway to another city? Or how about MC thinks that the city speed limit is too low and there's too much road construction and wants to go to a city with higher speed limits?

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