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10-09-2003, 11:55 AM
Jon Burke
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Originally Posted by ginner
Like all threads like this it is truly pointless.....I should just ignore it and walk away but the lunacy of some people's perspectives on trade value are so out of whack it is impossible not to comment. I make a point of not posting in this room because of that fact.
Go ahead and leave. I won't miss you for sure.

Get this: Of course, some people's views on trade value are out of whack, but everyone has their different views on trade value. Be glad we all have different opinions, not the exact same opinion as the almighty ginner. I won't deny that there are some pretty dumb trade proposals on here, but to basically say that all poster's are lunatics who don't know anything about trade value is retarded. And to say that all Canuck fans are glad I'm not GM of the Canucks is also retarded. You don't know for sure that all Canuck fans agree with you that getting Havlat, Vermette and a draft pick for Bertuzzi is a totally unfair proposal. And to base an assumption of someone's GMing ability on one trade is also very ridiculous. In that case, you could say Bobby Clarke is a genius for getting Pitkanen for only Fedotenko and a couple draft picks.

As I said, go ahead and leave this thread. You obviously fit into the group of lunatics you described.