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07-05-2005, 09:03 PM
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You are certainly coming across as a punk. You took up the bad breath with the get over yourself statement, I just replied in the manner you seem to appreciate.
Go back and read the first page. Between Leeis and your sarcastic remarks you were the ones who brought out the bad vibes. I was just telling the original poster (who asked) that there would be no grandfathering.

Perhaps you should re-read.
I did, now you try.

You seem to think everyone should agree with you. Don't take this as a shot, but in time you'll understand that won't happen, and is unnecessary for discussion purposes.
So is this your way of disagreeing that there will be no grandfathering of contracts allowed? All I did was answer the question in the thread and was attacked.

The "no grandfathering" is not something you can take credit for. Sorry, but that information was not brought to this site by you.
It was brought to this thread by me.

Don't take credit for others' efforts, that won't get you far in life. I'm surprised you'd do that, even in grade school that principle is taught.
I am quite confident that I have already gone much further in my life than you could hope to attain.

People can take credit for co-workers contributions for a short time, but eventually people like that will be caught out.
What are you talking about?

Again, you may not think you are being a punk, perhaps it is just youthful exuberance that is blinding your insight
I love it when teenagers try to use big words. Nice try.

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