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01-20-2011, 11:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Doug Height View Post
It's pretty obvious that you haven't seen MacDonald more than once. He is way better than Komisarek. And one of the posters who said he is better is Ranger fan, so there goes your overrating our own players argument.
Yes Komi gets burnt atleast once a game by a faster forward because he cant get postion on him do to the style of play the coach has him playing, but consdering that, hes doing pretty good.

Komi is playing a style that he is not suited for because our gm and coach are stuck on this idea that they need to play an uptempo offencive forecheck style that has the D pinching way to much.
You'd think they would pull their heads out of their @sses and notice the D was not built that way, but what do I know, Im just a fan,

30 GP, 3G, 14A=14PTS
18 hits, 75 BKS, 15 GVA, 24 TKA
22:42 TOI/G, 2:30 SH TOI/G, 0:32 PP TOI/G

42GP, 1G, 9A=10 PTS
86 hits, 70 BKS, 33 GVA, 10 TKA
15:07 TOI/G, 1:28 SH TOI/G, 0:02 PP TOI/G

Yup, I know ur going to say that McDonald has played 12 less games but Komi has still played less minutes
635:09 compared to 681:01

And please dont say the hes playing sheltered minutes cause hes not, opposing coaches are out coaching wilson almost on a nightly bases and getting there top line out against our 3rd pairing alot!!

Mcdonald is better at some aspects of the game, but not near enough to be classified as way better IMO.

Originally Posted by Doug Height View Post
It doesn't matter how many Leafs games I watch. MacDonald is better, younger, and cheaper.
Younger and almost 4 mil cheaper
better that depends on what you're looking for from your D, IMO take Komi out of Wilsons system and put him into one he is suited to play his GVA will drop ALOT

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