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01-21-2011, 12:43 AM
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Originally Posted by jfried View Post
All it takes is a non-suited system to expose a defender's flaws, much like a well-suited system exposes a player's assets.
Ive yet to see a system that can make Komisarek look like a competent NHL PLAYER, Ive seen several however that make him look like a punch drunk boxer on ice

and considering that no GM in the League seems to be clamoring to do Burke a favor and take him off your hands, Id say they've seen the same Komisarek I have.

aconsidering the Toronto based leaf fans who commented here:

"Mike Komisarek is a prime example of what can happen when you pay too much for a player via free agency. At $4.5 million per season, Komisarek’s salary and indifferent play makes it all but impossible for Burke to trade him, while leaving him in the lineup often hurts his club."

or in another column:

"Mike Komisarek looks slow and is hardly worth the kind of money Burke is paying him. He is a shadow of the player he once was in Montreal and, while I can sympathize with the hulking defenseman for having a sore shoulder it’s time to put up or move on (not like anyone would take him)"

Those are leaf fans saying that, I have yet to see one credible source say that Komisarek is the victim of the system outside of you who claims he's actually playing well.

at his current level of play and salary The truth will manifest itself only by seeing if Burke can find a taker for him before the upcoming free agency period considering his oft stated desire to bring in a first line center. one would think that if Komisarek is so miscast in the leafs system, that he would be the first one to be converted into a more useful asset.

I have a funny feeling however that other GM's wont be so accomodating, because they see what the rest of us see.

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