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01-21-2011, 02:31 AM
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Put me in the "Would love to have Anisimov" boat.

I think the value is at least in the same ballpark, but with the way the McDonagh and Anisimov have been playing in the NHL, this is a deal you just don't do from the Rangers side.

Gunnarsson has struggled this season. What he will become is still relatively unknown. I believe that he does have top 4 upside, and he has been pretty damn good for the past while, but the jury is still out on him. Kadri is a really nice prospect and certainly has NHL level skills, but i think we all know those can only get you so far (Schremp). He is ridiculously easy to knock off the puck, even for a rookie (when he was up in the NHL). I have faith that he will become a very good player for the Leafs though.

From the Leafs side, i have no problem keeping our two players. Mostly due to the fact that i am sick and tired of watching us ship off anyone who shows promise. I can quite understand anyone from the Rangers' side saying hell no to this. From a non-Leaf fan perspective, neither of the pieces that we would be giving up are very attractive at the moment, especially for a team looking to secure a playoff spot.

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