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10-09-2003, 12:14 PM
Big Cat Davo
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Essentially, I think the bottom line is, if we wish the NHL to continue in relative prosperity, the Owners need a CBA that will protect them from themsevles. Most see a salary cap as a way of cutting of player earnings, I see it as a way of limiting owners spending. If the owners spending is restricted with penalty of draft picks or cash to be distributed to the teams that are obeying the rules . . . what this crazy apples system might prove to accomplish is limit owner spending, which makes them happy, and with the home grown clause, allows players to make the big bucks they think they deserve, but doing it by staying with the team the got them there . . . it was just ramblings, but I think it has merrit, of course there could be nothing wrong with the current CBA and the small market teams, where real hockey fans are might as well join the WHA.


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