Thread: Proposal: Weber to Anaheim
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01-21-2011, 08:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Clownpipe View Post
Threads like this are a great quick and dirty IQ test.

Sammyp thinks that Lupul is a solid choice for "roster player," then he throws in a few other 'nobodies' (really uninteresting for a playoff contender) as a distraction, tops it off with a 1st (not this year though, because they are probably a bubble team...wait till they have Weber!), and then throws in a 3rd as a "bonus." That's like 6 pieces for Nashville for 1 measly player. They would be crazy to turn that down. 6 whole pieces. For 1. Could you imagine? Don't sleep on Gardiner. OC baby!
So you need to finish it off with an insult to get your point across? Smooth move buddy

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