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01-21-2011, 10:14 AM
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Originally Posted by DoMakc View Post
No. Not at 40 teams. This rule is the only trade restriction that makes sence.

And besides you don't change rules during the draft.
- it's so easy to circumvent such a rule, that asking for courtesy is the only way to go.

- I don't recall us all agreeing on any change to this rule.

- the draft hasn't started yet.

- Actually, I have a good idea. What if the official rule is "no trading on the clock" but since circumventing that rule is so easy, if you do that, you just lose an hour off your clock going forward. Sort of a voluntary penalty, a little bit of give and take if you choose to do something that holds up the draft. (really, there doesn't HAVE to be anything, because your clock is yours to use as you wish) - keep in mind that once we are done 8 rounds, this one hour represents a good portion of your 4-6 hour clock, and by that time most people have already lost an hour or two. How does that sound?

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