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Originally Posted by Webersmashpuck View Post
No we shouldn't. I don't believe Lindback has hit a wall and is not playing well. There are really only two games that he has put up bad numbers and one was the LA game where we had 6 goals on us and I think Rinne wouldn't have been able to stop those. The Chicago game was bad, but one bad game for a 22 year old rookie goalie is going to happen and it wasn't his fault for the lose.

The other reason is team chemistry, having two goalies that play a similar style helps the defense out. And Lindback obviously fits in the locker room, adding a Nabakov who wants to start and would sulk would be a bad idea.
Originally Posted by Paranoid Android View Post
To be honest, I do not believe claiming him even makes us better. Nabokov couldn't even compete in the KHL, not to mention he couldn't find an NHL job 6 months ago. Lindback knows the system and the players. I hate to stereotype, but we don't have good luck with Russians.

On the other hand, it's almost one of those situations that you have to put in a claim. But I still wouldn't.

It's very unlikely that he'll make it to us though. I really hope Poile lets us know after the fact if he put in a claim. I'm very curious. He probably wouldn't say and that would be for the best, truthfully.
My argument against these viewpoints is

1. Yes, I do think Lindback has played a over his head to this point but I don't think he has played bad. The bottom line is he still is a 22 year old rookie who is playing his first season in NA. Would you not feel my comfortable with Nabakov than Lindback long term if God forbid Peks went down?

2. The reason he couldn't find an NHL job was likely he was asking for too much and the market was flooded with cheaper goaltenders this summer. His performance in the KHL? Meh, he certainly isn't the first or last quality NHL player to go there and play mediocre. I would imagine a lot of these players simply sign over there for the money and could care less about giving a full effort. I mean just imagine from playing in the best league in the world making 6 million a year and all the perks that come with playing in the NHL and then playing in the KHL the next season. Let's be honest, compared to the NHL, the KHL probably feels like rec league for a lot of these guys. It's like going from Marisa Miller to Rosie O'Donnel.

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