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10-09-2003, 12:20 PM
ginner classic
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Originally Posted by Danrik
Nice job contradicting yourself. Maybe this was just some strange attempt at humor or maybe you're seriously, but to claim to be humble then declare oneself to be "supremely intelligent" is FAR from being humble.

So you consider this a useless thread. Well, apparently considering the amount of replies in so short an amount of time, many do consider it very useful. I do believe in freedom of speech, but there are times when it's best to shut up. This is one of those times.

Good day to you sir.
Thanks for the new smilie...I appreciate it.

Yes that was humour. And yes I think it was funny.

Don't think you need to shut up on my account...or did you mean me?

Seriously...these threads are useless because they always end up going the way this one is. In the position of Vancouver trying to land a Heatley or Thornton I would gladly give up Bertuzzi and a couple of first rounders. I would likely trade Bert for Hossa straight up. I guess I am not as prospect happy as some here and would pay for known quantity over the lottery ticket that a guy like Vermette represents, or would expect a few lottery tickets back. I think most GMs are actually quite risk averse (with a couple of noteable exceptions).

I find it hard to hold Spezza (who is a fantastic prospect no doubt0 in higher regard than Patrick least I know what I am getting in a Marleau ....Spezza...could be a 60 point player...could be Jason Allison....who knows.

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