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01-21-2011, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by fortunerox View Post has a rink way down south (by me) on us1 and sw 152nd st.

FIU (south campus) has a rink also.

The FIU rink is pretty neglected and the surface need polishing, no nets and holes all in the boards. The suniland rink, where I play is decent, nice nets good boards, decent surface but its locked most of the time, we play almost every weekday night. Not sure if anyone else on here is this far south but we could use a few more players in the league.
hey dude I go to FIU, and I've been playing in the rink almost every day, some high school kids show up later in the afternoon and I practice with them...the rink is always open so it's a good and bad thing, good because I go in there every day after class so it's nice to have a rink right next to my school which I have no problem getting access to, but bad because anyone can get in there and some times skater kids do all sorts of crap like bring in a dumpster to jump over it inside the rink, which I found yesterday..

I'd be willing to try Suniland out but it's a little further from me...meanwhile if anyone here is close by or interested please stop by the FIU rink (which is actually part of Tamiami Park) I'd love to practice with you guys, so just let me know

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