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01-21-2011, 12:44 PM
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I don't see why we would call it butchering, we have been speaking this french for centuries and we didn't have much contact with France before the WWI, it is a way of speaking by itself, it's not butchering a language. Butchering would mean that we butcher the french language from Europe, while we never spoke in the first place.

French spoken here has words that are way more exact than France, and vice versa.

I speak a better french than a lot of French people, because of my vocabulary (and there is a ton of people like me) but i do a lot of contractions like every Quebecers and French-Canadians, IE : Chui instead of Je suis (or J'suis) and Pantoute instead of Pas du tout.

French in Quebec is also more precise in some fields (As European french has) especialy the accent, we prononce every accent while in Europe they don't, in Europe if you say m'aime or même it sounds the same, same thing goes for la or and mâle or mal, as exemples. Europe has his strenght and Quebec also, there is not a transformation that one could call butchering though.

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