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01-21-2011, 06:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Ice Cream Man View Post
The pick isn't overrated; people's perceptions of it are.

And by your logic, if it isn't a top-three pick and it has no value, then you theoretically would have to issues with dealing said pick. Right? Lowly Iginla should be able to garner a pick like that, right? I mean, the pick doesn't have much value. Like you said.

Didn't think so. You place value on that pick because you're hesitant to trade it. Thus, proving my point.
I only threw that out there to make the point- you've rather dismissed that it has any value and should automatically be thrown in as it has to be our highest valued asset that isnt a player in the NHL currently. As it stands, picks 1-10 significantly help the Bruins going forward, so I don't look to move it. Do I over value it? Of course I do- for 3 reasons:

1. The sentimental value it holds

2. I believe the key to team building and winning championships lies in drafting players that can give significant contributions while still on RFA dollars (and ideally ELCs).

3. (less on value of the pick and more on the idea of trading for Iginla) I don't believe the Bruins are favorites as of now and their window isn't really hitting it's prime for another 2 seasons. If that's the case, why make the move for Iginla now when you could use that pick and have it come in during the prime of the window and contribute?

Locking up the team with another 7+ contract at the current moment handcuffs this organization and not having the toronto 1st does it 1 worse as you do not have what's likely a top talent to add during that stretch on ELC money. So what do you do then if you need an extra piece to the puzzle? Your already too tied up and out assets to make things happen. Especially when you consider this team needs a PmD much more than it needs Iginla and that will require making moves as well.

I'm not buying the added value of Iginla to this team over other moves it could make- so if that's made me jaded and thus overvaluing the Toronto 1st in respect to the deal, then well, it is what it is. In any case though we know that the Flames aren't moving Iginla and if they were to, Boston wouldn't be the ones to do it unless they were getting a deal too good to be true. Other needs need to be addressed and the appropriate assets for the larger window need to be looked at prior to putting our chips into what's a good player on an expensive contract on the slide (but from a very high pinnacle with production that would still be great to have).

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