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01-22-2011, 02:06 AM
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Originally Posted by clefty View Post
I'm sorry, but you're both misjudging/misremembering Jagr seriously here. This is a guy who once said; "I don't need any more rings. I just need beaches, money, and girls." He's made his money? Says who? Certainly not Jagr who's been perfectly happy to put pen to paper on more than one lucrative contract with Avangard Omsk.

And in the second instance, come on. The connection between Jagr's brain and Jagr's mouth is spotty at the best of times. And you also left out a critical part of the oft-cited quote:

"But he doesn't need me. He has good players there."

He's so often got that little qualifying statement in what he says that gives him the option of having his cake and eating it too.

If he wanted to be in the NHL, in Pittsburgh making a comparative pittance, thats what he'd be doing. In Avangard, there are conflicting reports, but from what I gather he's making something in the vicinity of 8-12 million annually, he's one of the higher-paid, marquee players both on his team and in the league. He's in the spotlight. And as anyone who followed Jagr for more than half an hour during his NHL days will tell you, thats just the way he likes it.

And good for him. He can earn every last cent he wants to for all I care, good luck to any athlete who even at Jagr's age can command that much money.

Everyone realizes his ego and what he commands in pay but if he would ever leave the khl it would not be for money because no nhl team could afford to come close to what he makes over in russia, tax free. If he's going to retire soon then I don't see it out of the realm of possibility that he tries to end his career where it began. He's signing one year contracts for a reason with avangard. He's keeping his options open. If he just wanted to make more money he'd sign some ridiculous contract to play well into his 40's and be done with it. All I'm saying is it'd be a dream come true for pens fans and for management. He could still very well be a 30 goal scorer playing with elite talent. The last few seasons with the rangers he played a string of seasons without missing a game so if he can still retain that type of health it's a win win for any team that could grab him. A kid can dream.

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