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Originally Posted by doug5984 View Post

Now onto part 2- what's the best way to get back into the sport, I don't want to go sign up for a league and embarrass myself for a few months while I get my feet under me. I was thinking of ordering skates, stick, gloves, and a helmet and going to stick & puck sessions for a couple months to relearn the game and learn how to shoot on ice.
For this part of it Id say go the a handful of stick times just to see how you can skate, if you got your skating down enough to where you aren't falling then join up with a league asap. Id bet there is a beginner league or lower level with many new people so you should feel pretty comfortable out there in that environment and can learn all the ins and outs of the game without too many pressures, pretty much what I did.

Now since you did play at the age of 16...even if it was roller from 10 years ago, Id honestly say after a few stick sessions you will probably be fine to join up with a intermediate mens league pretty quick. Just get a feel for others skill around you and ask them what leagues etc they are in or recommend. If you got good hands and already know how the game works then the beginners league might be a little frustrating for you, so always try and play up if you are comfortable with it.

And most important thing....have fun, hockey is a learning process and everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, it will come with time.

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