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10-09-2003, 02:04 PM
Master Lok
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Blech on veterans! Overrated hype! Oh I see, so while there are veterans who can add "leadership" and "savvy", these 26 year old "Kids" like Pisani are just too young, I guess they're supposed to add vim and vigor and youthful enthusiasm. I smell too many Hollywood movies here.

I've coached competitive sports teams for six years and played for another 10. Yes, there are some veterans who can add leadership qualities to a youthful but not every old person can do it (remember Glenn Anderson's second tour?) and not even every veteran leader is a fit for every lockerroom (as much as I love Messier, he did extremely little for the Vancouver Canucks. Linden is a much better fit in vancouver than mess).

You'd be surprised by how much poise some younger players come with these days. Sometimes they learn from other veteran players true, but sometimes they also learn from their coaches, or from their fathers, or brothers, or other teammates who might only be a couple of years older than themselves, or even they learn themselves. Give the kids a chance to play and learn. Not sit on the bench listening to some old graybeard has-been who's only good for 4th line duties preach. Honestly, why would a 20 year old budding star listen to a grizzled 4th line dude who only plays 6 minutes a night?

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