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01-22-2011, 02:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Rob Zepp View Post
I think it can be put another way. The Flames accept that getting rid of Iggy's contract will not be simple as few teams have the space and last thing Calgary wants back is bad contracts in return....they have a plethora of those right now. So, there are two roads, take what you can get on the market for Jarome and start the rebuilding with those pieces and others you can get from a firesale or continue on the decline with Jarome on board as at the end of his contract, he will not be bringing you anything in return and you will be no further ahead.

I think Jarome deserves a Ray Bourque like trade to give him a legitimate shot at the one thing that will not be happening for him on his current team...a Stanley Cup run with potential of winning it.

Look, some thought Vernon Wells' contract was a move can happen but it won't be for what Flames fans on HFB want in return. GMs have seen what trades like Kovy deal have done to teams.
I agree.

If Calgary was to deal with Boston I don't think there is any way around the fact that they will have to take Ryder, but his contract ends this year and it would just depend on whether they valued what ever else the Bruins could add to the deal.

The Bruins have 2 1st round picks and a bunch of good forward prospects, I'm not sure if they would be willing to give up TO's pick or not, but that would be a higher pick than any other playoff team could offer. Now if they offered up a proposal of Ryder, Wheeler, Colborne and Boston's 1st it looks to me like a deal that could really benefit both teams.

I am a Bruins fan, so I may be looking at it through black and gold glasses, but I think it could happen. I also know that a lot of Bruins fans might think that is too much to give up so i think it is probably about right.

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