Thread: Rumor: Clouston May Be Fired
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01-22-2011, 02:25 PM
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Does anyone actually think that the Senators would be anywhere near a playoff spot if Clouston wasn't the coach? Seriously?

The Sens' roster is really, really bad. With Spezza injured they don't have a single adequate top 6 forward. This roster would make any coach look bad.

I'm not even saying that Clouston is a good coach. I just don't think switching him out is going to make any difference at all considering if you took away Karlsson, the Senators would probably be an above average AHL team right now. Why bother firing Clouston and paying him and his replacement for the rest of the season when it will make almost no difference at all?

We've fired a coach 3/4 seasons with Murray as GM. It's pretty clear that coaching isn't the biggest problem.

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