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01-22-2011, 03:45 PM
Line combos anyone?
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Originally Posted by Nikko View Post
W T F do you guys all give a **** about the salary for? There is no cap... and everything Arte and Tony have said about not having the financial resources for things has obv been bull. If we are going to complain about something here let's keep it on the fact that Crawford would have been cheaper annually or that Wells could have already seen his best seasons as a player. Whining about how much money it is makes no difference to any of us... these morons are obviously going to throw **** tons of money wherever they want. So lets just complain about them being idiots.
This. Baseball is so different from Hockey financially speaking. No Cap. No need for guys on ELC's, etc. If the owner can pay and doesnt mind paying, why should the fans care. As far as I am concerned, Wells makes the Angels better and I dont really care about his contract.

And as for getting Puljos, no chance in HELL he ever becomes a FA. St. Louis sings him before then.

Angels are better with Wells than than would have been with Napoli and Rivera. Thats all that really matters. With the Angels pitching and now a better lineup with Wells, Hunter and Morales, they have a good shot to win the AL west and maybe get farther.

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