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01-22-2011, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Fairenough View Post
So what is it?

If he's he or is he not, getting UFA status?

A lot of speculation, but I haven't seen a quote yet (either from the CBA or an expert).
It's probably going to take some time to sift through all of this. First off he hasn't been suspended yet. Who knows if he changes his mind and just shows up?

Just to throw another scenario out there, If and that is a huuuuge if, he would have to fulfill his contract before becoming a UFA (personally I don't believe this is the case), could he not just retire? When Palffy retired as a Penguin and talk of a comeback started, it was found that if he came back while his contract with the Pens would have still been in affect, he would have been Penguins property, but if he came back after that contract would have expired, he could be a UFA.

So say tomorrow, Nabokov retires. If he comes back in July, his contract would have run it's course.

I still think that people are getting worked up about nothing, though. Just as there are different rules when it comes to keeping the rights of a drafted European player, I beleive there are different rules when someone is suspended for leaving for a European league.

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