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01-22-2011, 07:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Bugg View Post
As we're still a week away from starting, I wanted to poll other GMs on a hypothetical trade offer.

Team A: First round pick (20s), 20th-23rd rounders
Team B: 6th to 10th rounders

Would you veto such a deal? Why or why not?
I don't know if I'd outright veto it, but I think I'd ask if the difference between rounds could be decreased slightly. A 1st and a 14th for a 4th and a 6th, sure, I think that's fair value wise.

Assuming that the first rounder is 20, and the GM acquiring it has 21 for the sake of making it easier, that'd be 20 and 861 (22nd rounder) for 220 (6th rounder) and 380 (10th rounder). So moving down 200 spots out of the first round in order to gain almost 500 spots in the middle of the draft? On second thought, I think I might veto that...

You're basically trading a franchise player, whether that be a forward, defenseman or goalie and a 4th liner/bottom pairing defenseman/backup goalie/low level coach for two average top-6 forwards/top-4 defenseman/starting goalies. I can't think of any examples of players currently in the league that would fit the franchise player bill and not have a single chance of getting drafted, or else I'd make an analogy.

Although, in a 40 team draft, losing a top notch player could really end up hurting, even if you're gaining a ton of depth...hmm. Especially if you fall in a matchup with a team boasting a top-10 guy or even worse a top-4 guy...having your best player/series difference maker as a guy who you picked at 60 (assuming they keep their second rounder and don't move up to acquire a higher pick)...regardless of depth, that's tough to overcome. On the flipside, the team taking the first rounder is basically gaining another franchise player at the cost of losing a solid 2nd liner...who could possibly be replaced with a bargain bin guy, without really hurting the team all that much. However, yeah, I don't think that either team is getting an unfair advantage over the rest of us either...

tl;dr - This isn't nearly as clear cut as I originally thought looking at it, but I think I'd stick with my first instinct and let it pass.

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