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07-06-2005, 08:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Diesel
Ok more speculation...

I have a feeling that, no matter where the Flyers draft in round 1, Clarkie is going to try to get into the top 4 to nab Bobby Ryan. Lets say the pick is somewhere in the 23 to 27 range. What would it take? Obviously it all depends on who we are trading with. But basically here's a few packages i put together. Let me know if A) you think that a team drafting 2, 3, or 4 would take this trade and B) if you, as a Flyers fan, think it is too much.

package number 1: R.J. Umberger (or Patrick Sharp), Ryan Potulny Flyers 1st rounder this year, 2nd rounder next year

Package #2: R.J. Umberger, Ryan Potulny, Ben Eager, Flyers 1st rounder this year, Flyers 3rd rounder this year

Package #3: Stefan Ruzicka, Flyers 1st rounder this year, 2nd rounder next year

Now, let me preface this by saying that I don't WANT to trade any of the players in these scenerios, ESPECIALLY Ruzicka. If we could get away with this without trading him, I'd def. do it. But I have a feeling that any team drafting in those positions is going to ask for him since they know that the big three (Carter, Richards, Pitkanen) are untouchable. Honestly, I would consider any of these packages as "over-paying". But then again, these kinds of trades usually are. If you don't like any of these trades, feel free to revise them.
If we're picking that low, I just don't think that it makes too much sense to give up a lot for Ryan. People say that Sharp is really expendable, but remember the great chemistry that he and Carter had? I'd love to see that in the NHL. I also think that Umberger is a very valuable player. Most I'd give would be our 1st, Potulny, and our 2nd next year or Umberger and our 1st. We don't need superstar power, we have that in Carter, Richards, and possibly Gagne. What we need are solid top 6 wingers and defenseman and we should be able to nab one of those in the 1st round. Frankly, I'd be more interested in seeing if we could use one of our 3rds and maybe a 4th or something like that to move up into the 2nd round as well.

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