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Originally Posted by Stradale View Post
Well that sucks... over 10 years with the Habs and all he got is 10 seconds at the end of the canadian anthem???

And because of their stupid rule, he wasn't the first star of the game.
You sound like a little child. Who cares? From everyone around the league, and from Koivu himself he was very appreciative of the welcome he got.

Who cares what star he was? The guy didnīt even play a good game for christ sakes.

Originally Posted by Plante View Post

He took Eller out not because of one thing, but because of weak general play. His job, as a coach, is to win. We're in the middle of a tight playoff race, and in this franchise winning is all that counts (Just ask the fans).

So it stands to reason, that if we're losing and we need to win the game, to play your strong hand. So, JM, in all his coaching wisdom, replaced Eller with Gio. And if it was'nt for Gio not cashing in on a couple of golden opportunities, we could have ended this before overtime, and he would have seemed like some mad genius. We can't play Eller 'just because'. We have to win, or at least come out with a point (which we did).

So JM should act like a coach and make the best decisions that would lead to points, and not act like a day care attendant and keep playing rookies, even though they're playing bad, in tight situations.
Rational, opiniated and logical. Nice post. For some reason, people will ***** about anything it seems. The job of Martin is to win games, plain and simple. And the job of Eller is to play better overall. Martin is holding his end of the bargain, Eller isnīt. And regardless, look at DD and Pacioretty, if you play smart, hard and make good plays, you are going to see ice.

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