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Originally Posted by NikC View Post
Goalies don't get injured or worn down right? sure, keep telling yourself that henrik will always be there while we ice a team of 19yr olds for the next 5 yrs.

I'm sure you wanted to move Gabby last year too? If you say yes then you're a fool.
this team can barely pot in 2 goals a game and you want to move our only top 3 forward. last year he kept us from being a lottery team practically.

stick to xbox.

Haven't played video games since the original Nintendo, but good try, little boy.

If you don't realize that goalies on average last longer than forwards, you really should not be discussing hockey.

And as for being harmed this year, yes, I realize that. I also realize that if we traded for vets, it would help us. But both are irrelevant to me because I know we won't win this year, and we probably won't get out of the first round. (We'll be underdogs in the first round according to all betting agencies.)

The goal is not to do "ok" this year. Not sure if you know, but immediate gratification is not exactly a sign of intelligence. Going for those extra 2 playoff game wins at the expense of a Cup in a few years is not a good sign. Not at all.

So long as we are not winning the Cup, I would rather have a younger player than an older one, especially since we have so many prospects about Schenn's age.

Let me tell you this: the Rangers will not win the Cup while Gabby is in his prime. But if he could bring us a player who can help us win in 3-5 years, I would be really excited.

In a couple of years, when Step, MDZ, etc. mature, you'll see me reverse my position and argue that we should trade prospects we drafted in 2013 for older vets who can help us win immediately.

But that's because at that point the team will actually be in position to win the Cup, and will need 1-2 additions on the second line or on the second pairing to actually get there.

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