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01-23-2011, 09:43 AM
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Originally Posted by David Singleton View Post
I think Seth is absolutely correct with everything he's pointing out. As much as I would love to see Iginla brought in, this team does need a center first. I also think that the top two lines are doing so well that I don't see them being touched with Sullivan's return assuming it's right after the All-star break (my next Friday Face-Offs will show how well- truly night and day for everyone). That means that Sullivan is likely to slide down to the Dumont line (makes a ton of sense). With that move it certainly makes some sense to reunite Arnott with Sullivan and Dumont.

That said, if trigg is correct in that Arnott would not be welcomed back into the locker room by the players or coaches (and I haven't the foggiest clue), then I don't think he will be brought back.
I still disagree. Bringing in talent doesn't always equate to wins. We've got great team chemistry. Why mess with it? After the Olympics last year the leaders in the locker room were Weber and Suter and hence why they're the captains of the team now. Mueller and Halischuk may not be the sexiest names out there but they hustle every shift and have been producing. The last thing I want is Arnott whining that he's not getting his minutes and his lazy arse coasting to the bench costing us a goal at the other end of the ice. We're built on a team principle and he knows nothing of the sort.

Is it worth risking messing with the balance in the locker room? Even if it's Weber's team now, does bringing the ex-captain back mess with that or help that? While they're "professionals", they're also human and I don't think a leopard is going to change his spots over night. I'd rather have Rads back than Arnott.

Also, having a Dumont, Arnott, Sully 4th line isn't that wonderful an idea. You want that line to be reserved for bangers and energy and do any of those guys really provide that? You know Dumont is ok with his roll on the 4th line but would Arnott and Sully be able to accept this? These 3 were also part of a PP that really wasn't working so what good does it do there? None as far as I can see.

Keep Arnott away. Far far away.

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