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Originally Posted by Moonlapse Vertigo View Post
Those "differences" remain to be seen.
I'm not sure what the quotation marks are there for, and the only reason why they would remain to be seen is because you haven't yet loaded up hockeydb and nhlnumbers to look it up.

1. The fact that the Islanders have not won a playoff series since 1994 is a historical fact, as is the fact that the Oilers won 3 in 2006 alone, and others since 1994. If you want to "see" that difference, go to hockeydb. If your argument is that the NYI might snap out of it and the Oilers might proceed to go on another 14 or so years of NYI-like futility, I suppose that is technically true, but the same "argument" could be made about any team. It is also technically true that the Red Wings might fall off the map tomorrow and the NYI inexplicably become good - that also "remains to be seen". At the moment, however, the NYI are in fact 14 years further along in their record of abject futility than the Oilers.

2. If you want to "see" the difference in spending habits between Katz and Wang, you can go to nhlnumbers or similar sites and look it up. Again, it "remains to be seen" if Wang will suddenly start throwing money around and Katz becomes a cheapskate, just as much as it "remains to be seen" if the NY Yankees will become the poor man of MLB and the Minnesota Twins the biggest spenders. Technically true, but if your argument relies on Charles Wang becoming a big time spender overnight, that's somewhat questionable. Why not rely on the historical records to come to some kind of idea of how things will play out in the future? There is a historical trend, is there a reason you figure it won't continue?

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