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01-23-2011, 02:02 PM
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First of all, make sure they have fun. Invent games, with or without puck, play thief and police and that kind of things. Try to make sure, they use their outside AND inside edge. Some good stuff can be found in the Laura Stamm and Robby Glantz DVDs.

Let them copy you, be an example, do the things slowly and the right way.

Some kids need to be corrected. With others there's the feeling you'd hurt something by correcting. Real talents do it right or do it their own way.

Make sure they do exactly what you say. Do not let them cheat, just to win a race for example. If you say, they have to turn on the face-off circles, they have to be on the circles.

Do not let them repeat errors for hours. If it's wrong, correct them. or change the exercise.

And let them be kids.

Good luck

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