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10-09-2003, 02:12 PM
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Originally Posted by openicehit04
I honestly dont understand the logic in scratching Brown against his former team. I'm sure he would have played with an extra physical edge which we really needed last night with sandy mccarthy. You think Blues are going to bench Danton against us?
I didn't really get it either as he had a good game against Boston a week prior to last nights game capping it off with a sensational hit on Zinojenov. I understand the concerns about Martin's confidence possibly be affected if he's demoted early in other posts in this thread, but in fairness here he's the same player who keeps telling the papers he honestly felt he would have to walk home after the one nightmare Flyers preseason game. He's already aware that he's in over his head at this point so demoting him isn't going to be the end of his confidence by any means. He's a smart and level headed kid and he'll get his chances to come back and fill in later in the season if he continues to adjust to the speed and aggressiveness at the NHL level. Let him learn in Albany though the way all our top prospects do.