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01-23-2011, 03:57 PM
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We can leave out the childish name calling and general immaturity can't we?

Weird I could have sworn the topic we're posting in is about the true value/impact of top 10 picks in your lineup today, it's kinda the title no? Apparently it's changed to determining whether or not you need to have a core built of top 10 picks to win the cup... m'kay.

So realizing that the point of the thread is not to determine the latter, but rather to discuss the former, it's pretty easy to establish that if you believe both of the following:

1. drafting is very important to successful clubs, and considering the list posted where just about ALL cup winning teams are led to the cup by former first round picks it's pretty cut and dry).

2. the best draft picks usually tend to be the ones closest to the top.

Then it's pretty hard to sit here and argue that a top 10 pick isn't extremely valuable. Also, discounting a former top 10 picks contribution to a team simply because they were drafted by another team in a thread about the value of top 10 picks doesn't seem the most logical course.

You chose to go through the list of teams that have won the cup in the past 20 years, set 2 standards that
a) they must be drafted by the team that won
b) they must be picks 1 through 9 , not 11 or 12... pick #10 is a high pick, #11 is not.

and then after discovering that this wasn't necessarily the case a decade ago when teams were not governed by a cap, and trading was far more prevalent jump to the conclusion that top 10 picks aren't as valuable as most people think? Then why dismiss the top 10 picks on the team that weren't drafted by the cup club?

If the point of your post was to show that you can use hockeydb to look up when players were drafted and who won the cup that year, then well done. If it was to show drafting isn't the only key to winning, that's common sense. If you're in any way trying to draw a correlation between your post and the actual value/impacts of top 10 picks, you have some sketchy logic there.

But yes, I agree we're done. When someone resorts to name calling and such in a response they're not worth the time.

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