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Originally Posted by Seabound117 View Post
An unfortunate but unavoidable turn for the Sens, I do really feel bad for their fanbase to be subjected to the uninspired performances they have had to endure as of late. Obviously the #1 goal at this point is to aquire both youth and draft positions as to make the rebuild as quick as possible and with a new coach and new outlook be competitive if not contending next season.

My only hope is that Ottawa doesn't try to change their make-up to be too much like the Oilers, keep in mind despite a good run Edmonton is still 1-2 seasons away from contention. Though to be fair to the Oilers faithful another few well executed drafts into productive rookies could make them significantly better as soon as next season.

I am a total and complete Washington homer who in some ways greatly overvalues the benefits of short handed threats and goons, so my resounding cry would remain to trade the Caps Carkner and Kelly but obviously the Sens management needs to look towards whatever option gives their team the best rebuilding options and I know GMGM over here in Washington tends to overvalue his draft picks and propects.

I would love to throw out some absurd trade where we would give Semin for Spezza etc etc but we both know its not realistic, The Sens need to dump contracts like Gonchar, Kuba, and Kovalev and keep rebuilding parts like Kelly, Spezza, Karlsson, and Carkner (he may be 30 but he does do what he does excellently ), And Washington has hopefully learned the lesson about big contract pickups at the deadline.

So good luck to the Sens I hope this process is quick and productive and that there will be great things to come next season. I may be a Caps homer but it would not break my heart in any way to see Daniel Alfredsson hoisting the cup as Scotiabank before his great career winds to a close.

Go Sens Go!

what big contract pickups at the deasline? Fedorov? his deal was almostup when he was dealt to the caps. Same with Huet I would think as a ca[s fan you would want the caps to sing a deal for a legit #1 goalie like Vokoun.

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